Recession Playbook for CFOs Recession Playbook for CFOs

Finance leaders will have a lot on their plates in 2023.

As major economies try to bring down inflationary pressures and stave off a recession, cost savings are back in focus. CFOs have to not only spend less but also get more value for every dollar spent.

How can they achieve this delicate balance?

GEP’s latest bulletin, Recession Playbook for CFOs: Five Imperatives for Finance Leaders in 2023, tells you how to make the most of shrinking budgets in this season of uncertainties.

What’s Inside:

  • How to separate real cost increases from phantom ones
  • Ways to make SG&A cost reduction programs more effective
  • Reining in the rising cost of goods sold

This recession checklist is a must-have toolkit for finance leaders looking to successfully manage costs without hampering business growth.

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