Seven Effective Cost Reduction Strategies for FMCG Packaging Seven

Packaging in the FMCG sector can account for up to 10% of input costs. However, without careful management, this percentage can climb significantly higher and eat into company profits. Every percentage point saved on packaging costs can translate into substantial financial gains. How much could your company save by optimizing these costs? 

In our latest bulletin — Seven Effective Cost Reduction Strategies for FMCG Packaging — experts highlight seven key strategies that can revolutionize your approach to packaging. This guide not only offers practical steps to reduce costs but also ways to enhance sustainability and supply chain resilience.

What’s Inside:

  • Streamlining your packaging to reduce waste and costs
  • Securing favorable terms for consistency and cost efficiency
  • Integrating sustainability into your packaging process

This bulletin is an essential guide for FMCG companies to cut packaging costs and improve operational efficiency.

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