It’s not an easy task to replicate the luxury store experience online. It’s even tougher without the right digital investments. That’s why the luxury CFO is critical to elevating the omnichannel experience. But can financial leaders add value?

A new GEP bulletin — Why CFOs Should Lead the Digital Transformation of Luxury Retail — details the steps luxury retail finance leaders must take to ensure a consistent customer experience across all shopping channels. The paper also outlines how these CFOs can drive innovation to help maintain a high-end image.

What’s Inside:

  • Investing in virtual showrooms, augmented reality and other innovations to spur online purchases
  • Becoming more aggressive with cost reductions to fund a digital future
  • Achieving greater spending agility by pursuing more stringent cash flow practices

This paper is a must-read for CFOs looking to take a leadership role in driving an omnichannel future.

Theme: Digital Transformation