Buddies and Mentors Buddies and Mentors

Buddies and Mentors

Recognizing Quality, Nurturing Talent & Rewarding Results

When you come into GEP, you don’t come in alone. We offer two distinct programs — one informal, one formal — to keep you on track and comfortable as you progress in your career.

The Buddies program helps new team members acclimate to the GEP way of doing things, while the Mentoring program gives professional guidance, support, and honest feedback. Both are invaluable for any new employee, and gives us all a chance to welcome you into the fold.

Who’s Your Buddy?

Think of the “Buddy System” as a means of moral support soon after you join the GEP team. Your buddy partners with you and shows you the ins and outs of the office. Got a question about where the copy machine is? How to set up a conference call? Just a little advice or listening ear? Your buddy has the answers.

A buddy is someone who:

Partners with you during your first three months at GEP

Offers advice and guidance about the day-to-day aspects of working at your new office

Gives encouragement and provides knowledge resources

Introduces you to GEP’s culture and your new co-workers and team members

All you have to do is approach your buddy with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. But we know you’ll already have that. In a nutshell, a buddy helps you make a more comfortable transition into the GEP family – and get you into the swing of your daily routine so you’re ready to jump in and start making a difference!

Meet Your Mentor

With mentors, we give you the tools to unlock even more of your potential. Your mentor provides career management, support and coaching.

We’ve found four unifying concepts to make our best people even better with the help of a mentor:

Our people are our greatest asset.

Nurturing our talent is one of our core values.

Knowledge sharing should be sustainable.

With our growing global reach, our people need a unifying bond.

A mentor is much more than a buddy. Your mentor provides you opportunities to build your job capabilities and gives you constructive feedback. They give you a space for dialogue, as well as transfer their knowledge and GEP values. They provide performance support and career management as you grow in the company and become a leader, and perhaps someday a mentor, yourself. 

The best thing about the mentor/mentee relationship is that it’s a two-way street. You get out of it what you put into it.

So, what’s a mentor? Approachable and honest, providing a space for dialogue and giving you opportunities to build your capabilities. In other words? They’re there to help you move onward and upward, answering questions, brainstorming solutions and providing constructive criticism to ensure you’re always at the top of your game — building our people as we build our company.

What People Are Saying

My mentor...

…says that I'm free to consult him any time regarding an issue or idea I want to share.

…understands my issues and problems and comes up with effective solutions.

…is approachable, documents every discussion and follows up on my growth and career goals.

…is able to think through a complicated situation and provide pragmatic ideas.