Importance Of Gender Parity And Equality In The Workplace

Importance Of Gender Parity And Equality In The Workplace

Sathi Aich-Dharap

Senior Director, HR - IND

International Women's Day originated in the early 20th-century with protests in different parts of the world to honor working women and advocate for change in terms of pay, voting rights and more. Today, 45 years later, many of these issues are still relevant. As a mark to remember this day, at GEP APAC we celebrate the 8th of every month by organizing a session for our women colleagues.

I feel fortunate to be part of a firm which has such a huge focus on diversity and inclusion. After all, equality is not a women’s issue it is a business issue. Research has proved tangible benefits of this. Women spend double the time on unpaid tasks then men do* which prevents them from participating fully in the economy.

There are some vital benefits of improved gender parity and equality in the workplace:

  • Productivity: It leads to a more cohesive and more productive workforce.
  • Achievement: Diversity of opinion leads to a more holistic approach and therefore higher achievement.
  • Innovation: An empowering, bias-free and gender supportive workplace results in an innovation mindset among the members. This is because if everyone looks the same and has the same background, then they also have the same blind spots. Diversity brings out diverse ideas and inventiveness.
  • Business results: If we are hiring the best people, regardless of gender, then we have laid the foundation for a stronger and more stable business.

All in all, an organization with work flexibility, equal pay and diverse hiring will be in a better position to continuously innovate, grow and be productive; yielding a better quality of life for employees of all genders.

I firmly believe that gender parity and equality is about choosing to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements.