Management Excellence Program

Management Excellence Program

A program that focuses on leadership excellence and growth


As I was preparing myself to establish goals for the New Year 2024, I had the opportunity to attend the onsite Management Excellence Program. It began with great insights from one of our senior leaders talking about his career experiences with different leaders across the industries, which gave me an opportunity to understand the different leadership styles and to assess my own style too. It also gave me an understanding that a manager can practice a combination of leadership styles in different situations.

The program is truly diverse in the sense that it included managers from different workstreams. We had the opportunity to exchange ideas practiced in our respective areas of work and gained many positive outcomes in managing a team better. Towards the end of the activity, we had a plethora of good ideas which could eventually turn into beneficial actions for the organization.

We also had some game-based learning outcomes conducted by an external trainer which gave us an understanding of the external and internal influences on managerial decisions. Game based learning helped the entire team collaborate better and kept us engaged throughout the program.

Towards the end of the day, we did an exercise of reflection which was very useful, and one of the best things that emerged from this was establishing our goals to become more effective leaders.

Tina Vaz – Senior Manager, Technology Service Organization


The Management Excellence program helped us as leaders to touch base with the prerequisites needed to successfully manage people, analyze business situations and determine how best to manage both of them in synchronization.

One of the key segments of the program engaged the leaders in practical exercises that revolved around our day-to-day challenges. One of the focus areas also was building empathy and motivation to not only win the team's confidence and trust but also aligning members around a common purpose and vision. This also helped us take a peek into each other’s challenges as well as leadership strengths.

The program and the facilitators created an engaging session for us with activities that included team-bonding games, enabled us to realize the vitality of leadership, teamwork and trust.

Some of our leaders shared thought-provoking insights on and highlights from their career journeys. And finally, we headed towards the last segment of the program in GEP style – celebrating our time together over drinks and food, reflected on the learning and set goals for the future.

Shubhraj Kawde – Senior Manager, Technology Service Organization


The Management Excellence program has been a transformative journey that has significantly shaped our understanding of leadership and personal development. During the Program, we had the opportunity to engage in various activities, workshops, and discussions aimed at honing our leadership skills and fostering a growth mindset.

We learned a great deal from our senior leaders. The callout of the session for us was getting to understand the key traits of a true leader and how we can benefit using those traits in our professional as well as personal lives.

We also spent some time talking about various obstacles which we all face in our day-to-day professional world and how we can tackle the situation in the most apt manner by giving / receiving timely feedback. We as leaders should embrace that giving constructive feedback is an opportunity for growth for our team members and hence talk to our teams more regularly. The team-building activities enabled us to learn how we can build trust among each other, communicate clearly, delegate tasks efficiently, and lots more.

This Program also focused on developing self-awareness, new skills and building our leadership style.

Ashim Kumar – Manager, Technology Service Organization