GEP Helps Fortune 500 Tech Company Optimize Inventory, Free Up $1 Billion in Working Capital GEP

Supply chain disruptions over the past few years pushed many companies to build redundancies.

But the cost of holding inventory reserves is high.

How can businesses implement just-in-case inventory scenarios without hurting their cash flow?

Discover how GEP helped a Fortune 500 technology company optimize inventory worth over $5 billion through an innovative buy-sell solution — a combination of process changes, managed services and technology (GEP NEXXE supply chain platform).

The solution was delivered by a company formed by GEP along with a bank and an equity firm.

What’s Inside:

  • How to reduce the pressure of inventory costs and risk
  • Driving collaboration and building supplier relationships
  • Best practices adopted, offloaded monthly inventory over $1 billion

This case study is a must-read for supply chain leaders and inventory managers who want to ease cost pressures without risking supply continuity.

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