How a Fortune 500 Retailer Saved 10% Costs on Key Spend Categories by Partnering With GEP How

For a Fortune 500 retailer, it had become imperative to optimize procurement processes in order to manage costs. The retail giant needed to enhance its complex supply chain operations, which was hampered by fragmented buying practices and escalating costs.

Joining hands with GEP, it sought to reshape its procurement landscape. Following a comprehensive analysis of the company’s procurement processes, GEP’s strategic solution included optimizing supplier relationships, introducing stricter contract guidelines and leveraging smart tech solutions. This enabled the leading retail company to realize significant savings in key spend categories.

What’s Inside:

  • Objective-driven approach for consolidating vendors and better volume pricing
  • Data-driven decisions and innovative vendor evaluation methods
  • Achieving reduction in SKUs by over 80% in various products

Read this case study to know how GEP helped the company combat inflation, achieve 10% cost savings and drive procurement efficiency.

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