How a U.S. Retailer Diversified Supplier Base and Improved Supply Chain Resilience by Partnering With GEP How

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and retailers cannot afford to falter.

Concerned about rising geopolitical tensions impacting its supply chain, a fast-growing retailer of lifestyle accessories decided to reduce its dependence on suppliers in China.

The U.S. retailer partnered with GEP to diversify its supplier base for direct materials and reduce risk.

Discover how GEP identified reliable suppliers from other countries, conducted negotiations and helped the retailer redistribute volumes across suppliers to eliminate risk.

What’s Inside:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of direct materials spend
  • Finding suppliers and contract manufacturers outside China
  • How the retailer is set to realize 35% annual cost savings

This case study offers valuable insights for procurement leaders who want to boost supply chain resiliency without escalating costs.

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