Large Oil & Gas Company Transforms Procurement Operations With GEP SMART Large

For a Fortune 500 oil and gas company, revamping its outdated procurement processes was essential to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. Facing the challenges of managing a dispersed supplier base and achieving higher data accuracy, the company needed a robust update to its procurement system.

The company turned to GEP to help achieve this. GEP deployed its AI-powered unified platform GEP SMART. The strategic deployment met 85% of the project goals on day 1 and helped achieve a 98% accuracy rate along with a host of other benefits. This approach not only ensured a smooth transition but also set a new standard in procurement efficiency.

Discover how GEP streamlined supplier management and set a new benchmark in procurement operations, completing the project on time and within budget.

What’s Inside:

  • How GEP SMART helped integrate over 70% of suppliers before system launch
  • Achieving 98% accuracy in data conversions
  • Insights into meeting 85% of project goals from day one

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