UK Chemicals Giant Achieves 55% More Savings Than Targeted With GEP's Expertise UK

For a U.K. chemicals giant, enhancing its procurement processes was high on its priority list to maintain a cost-effective supply chain. Plagued by a number of operational challenges, it wanted to refine its direct materials cost structure, manage scattered data and negotiate with a global supplier network to achieve substantial cost savings.

The chemicals company sought GEP’s help. GEP's approach combined detailed analytics and negotiation strategies. By focusing on total cost of ownership, market indexing and formula-based pricing, GEP didn't just meet the company's savings expectations; it exceeded them by 55%, resulting in approximately £11 million in savings.

Discover how GEP's focused, analytical approach to procurement yielded substantial results.

What’s Inside:

  • How £250 million in addressable spend was managed
  • Tactics for exceeding savings targets by 55%
  • Transforming procurement into a strategic asset

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