Abhishek Raghavan

Vice President

Solution Design, Services

As vice president of solution design for GEP's Managed Services, Abhishek leads business development and solution engineering initiatives that fuel growth.

Abhishek brings nearly 14 years of experience at GEP to his leadership position. Prior to GEP, he honed his skills in customer and supplier relationship management as well as sales while working with prominent retail chains across Canada and India. This background provides him with invaluable insights into nurturing fruitful partnerships and achieving sales excellence.

Central to Abhishek's professional ethos is a dedication to the transformative power of procurement and supply chain management. His commitment is evident in his relentless pursuit to harness these disciplines for operational efficiency, cost savings, and innovation, continually striving to make a substantial difference in organizational performance and market competitiveness.

He has a master's in supply chain and engineering management from the University of Melbourne, a postgraduate degree in business from Vancouver Island University, and a bachelor's in mechanical engineering from the University of Mumbai.