Rakhi Mullick

Vice President

Digital Transformation

Rakhi is involved in architecting cutting-edge digital solutions at GEP and supporting our clients in their digital transformation journey for procurement and supply chain. She also leads the digitization and automation of GEP’s managed services to provide our clients best-in-class user experience and higher value in our partnerships.

Rakhi brings over 30 years of diverse procurement and supply chain experience across several industries and categories. Prior to GEP, Rakhi worked with Infosys, where she led the domain consulting group for several sectors, and with the Aditya Birla Group.

Rakhi's contributions to the supply chain field were recognized in 2023 when Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive honored her with the Women in Supply Chain award. This accolade celebrates female leaders in supply chain for their achievements and mentorship efforts.

Rakhi holds a postgraduate diploma in materials management from the Indian Institute of Materials Management. Outside work, her passion is dance, which she continues to practice.