Supply Chain Digital’s Cover Interview With GEP President Neha Shah Supply Chain Digital’s Cover Interview With GEP President Neha Shah

GEP on Gen AI in Procurement: Cutting Through the Hype

Neha Shah

Generative AI is a transformative force in procurement and supply chain. But how do you discern the actual impact from the hype?

In this month’s featured interview in Supply Chain Digital magazine, GEP President and Co-founder Neha Shah demystifies AI and details how companies are successfully taking their first steps at applying data and these new technologies to dramatically improve their procurement and global value chains.

Inside, you'll learn how:

  • GEP’s clients are successfully taking their first tangible steps to realize the tremendous potential of AI, and augmenting what their teams are doing.
  • Procurement and supply chain teams are helping their companies reach their targets on climate change, decarbonization, water usage, human rights, and living wage.
  • To apply AI responsibly, using insights gained from 18 months of leading a World Economic Forum task force of 24 companies.

This interview provides business leaders with practical advice on how to effectively apply AI in their procurement and value chains.

Read now and begin applying AI to transform your procurement and supply chains

Why Read This Interview

Practical Applications

Break AI into actionable processes to drive results

Leading With Responsibility

AI has tremendous potential for procurement, but only if we apply it ethically

Looking Ahead

How generative AI is poised to reshape the future of procurement