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GEP GRID™ – Global Regional Integrated Delivery

GEP is the only leading provider of procurement services and software focused exclusively on procurement. We combine this singular focus with an expansive global footprint that leverages top talent from around the world.

With offices and operations distributed strategically in major markets across Europe, Asia and the Americas, GEP brings local market knowledge, global expertise and global economics to bear on your procurement objectives.

Enter GRID™ – Global Regional Integrated Delivery – an operating model that enables GEP to leverage the capabilities, unique knowledge and relationships of GEP employees around the world – whether located on client site, a regional or local office, or a global operations center.

How Does GRID™ Work?

Each engagement, each client is different and GRID™ is highly flexible.

But here’s the short strokes on one example: At a U.S.-based Fortune 500 CPG company, GEP staffers at the client’s Midwest headquarters typically drive program management, engage functional stakeholders, support change management and ensure implementation, while GEP offices and global operations centers provide analytical horsepower, market intelligence and execution support. The result is great communication and engagement, faster time-to-value and higher return on investment.


The GRID™ operating model is one tool among many that enables GEP to consistently achieve extraordinary results for our clients.

Many companies with offshore capabilities focus solely on labor arbitrage. GEP leverages the creativity, education and brainpower of global talent across the globe, recruiting from the best schools and companies in the world. Working as a unit, GEP professionals support enterprises that operate, as well as source, globally – and appreciate a procurement partner that does too.