Speed savings right to the bottom line Speed savings right to the bottom line

Procurement Operations Outsourcing

In every enterprise, a significant portion of business capital is locked up in the procure-to-pay cycle throughout the year. GEP’s procurement operations outsourcing services help you free up your working capital and put it to far more productive uses by optimizing your procurement processes.

Unlike generic back-office processing service providers, GEP is focused on procurement, with vast experience providing procurement solutions and technology to hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises across every major industry. And so, we understand all category-specific nuances impacting your procurement organization.

By automating manual tasks, eliminating processing errors, enhancing data quality, reducing transactional costs and optimizing processes, we streamline your entire procurement operation to deliver higher efficiencies and savings.  

Performance Drivers

  • Offices and operations centers across the globe, supporting more than 18 languages
  • Deep expertise in all leading ERP systems
  • Best-in-class due diligence, transition and change management methodologies and tools
  • Best-in-class, cloud-native proprietary sourcing and P2P processing software
  • Superior reporting and custom-configured real-time dashboards

Outsource Operations, Insource Success

Procurement leaders rely on GEP for many reasons: we’re flexible, we’re passionate and we get results — hard savings realized in real dollars. 

Our deep process expertise, state-of-the-art automation and analytics technologies deliver an enhanced buying experience for end users and more bang for your buck. 

Reduce overall transaction costs, rapidly improve working capital ratios and get actionable insights from your data, by partnering with GEP.

GEP processes more than 10 million purchasing transactions annually, across hundreds of categories. Be it requisitioning and governance, purchase order management, or any other category-specific requirement, GEP’s procurement outsourcing services will help you cut down order processing cycle times and deliver an enhanced purchasing experience to your buyers.

Purpose-built and capable of scaling up to any client’s requirements, GEP’s global delivery centers have frequently won top accolades for operational excellence and data security. Our offices and operations centers are strategically located across the Americas, Europe and Asia, through which we provide round-the-clock support to our rapidly expanding roster of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients.

Our trained resources are proficient in all procure-to-pay (P2P) processes and adept at working on any mainstream ERP, F&A or procurement system. These teams act as a scalable, high-quality alternative to any organization’s in-house transaction processing team, with far more attractive economics.

Managing enterprise-wide tail spend is a challenge for many procurement teams. Tail spend at large organizations often runs into hundreds of millions of dollars and the potential savings through effective tail-spend management can be significant.

While most tail spend requires methodical, iterative processes, some tactical purchases demand a different approach. GEP has a highly effective “buying desk” that specializes in extracting value from each purchase at the point of requisition. We deploy proven-effective tools and methodologies to balance cost savings and business criticality for every purchase.

GEP SMARTTM provides an effective, user-friendly platform to significantly reduce maverick spend and boost compliance reporting through the use of P-cards as well as online and punch-out catalogs.

GEP SMART is powered by patented, AI-based analytics and algorithms that automate data management and provide intelligent reporting on demand.

  • Supplier master cleanup, including normalization of supplier name, deleting duplication, aligning master to product taxonomy and parent-child relationships
  • Supplier master enrichment, including D&B, W9, minority and other third-party information
  • Supplier enablement, driving controlled spend under management by aligning suppliers through supplier registration, catalog enablement and supplier portal management
  • Supplier registration, including supplier segmentation, qualification and rationalization of the supplier base
  • Supplier performance data management and analysis
  • Supplier enablement services, including onboarding and enabling electronic invoicing

Item master and other master data management activities include:

  • Taxonomy and specification development
  • Item cleansing, duplication removal and classification
  • Attribute extraction and standardization
  • Short and long text generation
  • Periodic incremental cleansing

GEP helps category managers drive greater value from contracts by streamlining contract management and improving compliance. Specific activities include:

  • Contract repository management
  • Contract digitization and uploading
  • Meta-data entry
  • Tracking of renewals and rebates
  • Monitoring contract compliance

GEP SMART's contract management tool simplifies and automates the entire contracting and contract administration process.

Learn more about contract management with GEP SMART.

GEP leverages its vast experience implementing catalogs in numerous indirect and direct categories to help large global enterprises reduce their transaction costs and minimize maverick spend. All this, while providing a delightful shopping experience to the end-users.

Services include:

  • Identifying catalog implementation opportunities across categories and suppliers
  • Designing catalogs with appropriate taxonomy, attributes and workflow
  • Implementing and integrating the catalog with ERP systems
  • Receiving, updating and validating catalog content
  • Catalog normalization, cleansing and establishing service schedules
  • Resolving exceptions and working with suppliers to resolve issues

Looking for an Amazon-like purchasing experience? GEP SMART delivers that and much more with its comprehensive procure-to-pay functionality which also automates catalog implementation and management.

Day-to-day P-card management activities including:

  • Receiving, auditing, validating and consolidating P-card statements
  • Analyzing P-card transaction data for sourcing opportunities
  • User database, attributes and policy management
  • Compliance reporting

GEP’s help desk services provide support to your requisitioners, buyers and suppliers, resolving purchase-related issues, assisting with e-procurement tools or answering any and all procurement-related queries.

Our help desk team seamlessly integrates with your enterprise team and suppliers to ensure quick, effective routing and resolution of queries. We provide 24x7 support to all major world markets in more than 18 languages.

GEP’s help desk team comprises the most talented and highly trained professionals in the industry. Supported by a powerful set of cutting-edge technologies, such as state-of-the-art ticketing, tracking and knowledge management systems, GEP ensures that you get an unparalleled service experience.