Modern Slavery Act Statement Modern Slavery Act Statement

Modern Slavery Act Statement

GEP’s Business

GEP is a privately held business that was established in 2000 and operates globally. GEP offers software, strategy (consulting), and managed services to its clients. GEP’s consulting and managed services businesses have a limited supply chain as they are service-oriented and require few, if any, subcontractors or suppliers in the delivery of these services. GEP’s software business has a larger supply chain in terms of dollars spent (compared with the consulting and managed services businesses), but those dollars are primarily spent with a few large suppliers who follow and adhere to all relevant slavery and human trafficking laws.

GEP’s Commitment

GEP’s Code of Conduct sets forth GEP’s policy on slavery and human trafficking, providing clear guidance to all employees that GEP has zero tolerance for any client, supplier or employee engaging in, participating, or otherwise acting in a manner that would violate a person’s human rights and/or contribute to human trafficking or slavery. GEP’s founders have been proponents and supporters of efforts to end child labor, including financial contributions, educational sessions and other activities to drive home this message — not just to the general public, but also to all GEP employees, suppliers and customers.

GEP’s Actions

GEP requires suppliers to provide certifications that they are also taking actions to combat slavery and human trafficking in their businesses and their supply chains. GEP’s contracts also contain language requiring compliance from its vendors and suppliers. GEP also engages with its suppliers to ensure that they are taking actions consistent with these legal obligations.

GEP’s Risk

GEP’s supply chain has limited risk based on the nature of its supply chain which consists largely of data centers, leases, and travel costs. In addition, GEP’s other area of significant spend is with third-party consultants and SMEs to assist in the delivery of our consulting services. Therefore, GEP believes that the risk of human trafficking in its supply chain is low.

GEP’s Training

GEP conducts annual training programs for employees on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking to ensure that its employees are aware of the potential warning signs, necessary due diligence and the need for vigilance.

This statement has been approved by our board of directors.


Subhash Makhija | CEO