GEP Unveils Powerful AI-First, Low-Code Platform GEP QUANTUM for Procurement, Supply Chains & Sustainability

  • AI-native, low-code GEP QUANTUM platform powers GEP SMART, GEP NEXXE and GEP GREEN, bringing vast new capabilities to these industry-leading work process applications

San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 26, 2023GEP, a leading provider of procurement and supply chain solutions to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide, today announced the launch of its AI-first, low-code platform for sustainable procurement and supply chains, GEP QUANTUM, at GEP INNOVATE 2023, its annual global user conference.

GEP QUANTUM realizes the full range of AI technologies, including generative AI, and advanced data management technologies, while delivering spectacular levels of empowerment to non-technical users in a no-code/low-code development framework.

All of GEP’s award-winning work process applications now leverage the power of GEP QUANTUM, including GEP SMART, the industry’s leading source-to-pay procurement application for Fortune 500/Global 2000 enterprises, as well as GEP NEXXE, one of the most innovative supply chain visibility and collaboration applications on the market today, and the sustainability application GEP GREEN, launched last year to impressive reviews.

“The traditional boundaries between procurement and supply chain are blurring because they are in fact converging,” said Subhash Makhija, CEO of GEP. “And indeed sustainability is not separate from these processes but integral to them. We designed and launched GEP QUANTUM in recognition of where our customers are now and where they are rapidly heading — in terms of their requirements, their expectations and aspirations as technological, environmental, economic, and political changes drive new visions of how we work and what change did we achieve,” explained Subhash.

Santosh Nair, chief product officer, GEP, further explains, “GEP QUANTUM, which powers all the GEP work process applications, will be the leading platform for innovation in sustainability, procurement and supply chain in the years to come. It enables our clients to accomplish the holy grail — to optimize costs, mitigate risk, and achieve sustainability goals.”

GEP QUANTUM is now the platform for its flagship software solutions, GEP SMART™, GEP NEXXE™, and GEP GREEN. It enables clients to apply AI to drive efficiency, automation, agility and visibility into all procurement, ESG, and supply chain functions to achieve maximum ROI. GEP’s partners will subscribe to GEP QUANTUM’s low-code development studio for app development and to GEP QUANTUM’s analytics for advanced data management functions.

GEP’s new AI-native software platform was unveiled at GEP INNOVATE 2023, its ninth annual two-day conference that brings together leading experts, practitioners and thought leaders in procurement, supply chain, AI and digital transformation. The event features speakers from clients including Bayer, Mastercard, Caterpillar, Walmart, AT&T, TECO, Meta, and Chevron, along with several keynote speakers, including Babak Hodjat, co-founder and chief scientist of Sentient Technologies; Kay Firth-Butterfield, foremost of authority on AI ethics; and Christian Thilmany, senior director, AI strategy, Microsoft.

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