Procurement Support Services

Now what?

Increased demand from internal customers is one very tangible indicator of procurement’s growing importance to the enterprise. On the other hand, this increased demand – if not resourced adequately – can overwhelm already lean internal teams, actually eroding their overall impact.

Support services from GEP are designed to help keep enterprise procurement teams firing on all cylinders, enabling your group to meet its targets, expand its reach and keep pace with rising expectations.

That’s why enterprise procurement teams at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies across, Europe, Asia and the Americas ask GEP to support them across a wide range of procurement activities.

Seamless Support on Demand

Scores of enterprise procurement teams use our world-class research, analytics and execution capabilities to support their category managers, so they can focus on negotiating better deals, collaborating with business stakeholders and managing key supplier relationships.

Each support engagement is configured to the specific requirements of each particular enterprise team we work with. But by way of example, numerous current support engagements include spend analysis, sourcing execution support, on-demand market intelligence, RFx and auction services, contracting support, supplier performance management and ongoing savings tracking and reporting.

By working with GEP’s highly capable support teams, enterprise procurement teams also get access to GEP’s unrivaled category expertise, gained over thousands of projects, in addition to a knowledge-base of sourcing best-practices, benchmarking information, supplier network of several million suppliers, analytical tools and templates.

All this is augmented by our best-in-class, cloud-based integrated procurement platform, SMART by GEP®.

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