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With 20 years of specific S2P experience and more than 520 successful projects, Fluxym is a world leader in procurement transformation. The company offers advisory services on any S2P transformation project, as well as implementation services.

Fluxym’s service portfolio spans preparation (readiness assessment, target process definition, technology roadmap, change management), technical deployment of solutions, as well as operational and progressive maintenance post go-live.

With offices in Paris, Montreal, Toronto, New York and Singapore, Fluxym is well-positioned to meet clients’ diverse requirements across geographies.

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Company Name: Fluxym
Founded: 2002
Regions: North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific
Solutions: Source-To-Pay Digital Transformation, Advisory, Implementation
Website: https://www.fluxym.com

“Fluxym’s advanced expertise in Source-to-Pay technologies drives us to partner with the most visionary solutions. Through GEP's deep and verticalized best-in-class response to supply chain issues and the complementarity of our teams, this strategic alliance is an inevitable match, and the assurance of a successful digital transformation.”

Philippe de La Villadière

CEO of Fluxym