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Kronos Group is a rapidly growing consulting company comprising 140 experts and serving over 70 major clients. Kronos Group has established itself as a leader in the fields of procurement, finance, and project management.

With more than a decade of experience in procurement digitalization, the company delivers bespoke solutions to demanding clients across sectors. Their approach goes far beyond implementing IT solutions to help clients transform their business, optimize expenses, and gain significant competitive advantage while ensuring the sustainability of operations.

Kronos Group is part of EPSA, a global consulting group with over 3500 employees in 35 countries, specializing in optimizing company performance and profitability through customer-centric solutions.

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Company Name: Kronos Group
Founded: 2011
Regions: Belgium, France, Italy
Solutions: Maturity Assessment, Advisory, Digital Transformation, Procurement BPO, Cost Optimization, Operations Consulting

"The combined expertise in procurement and digital transformation of Kronos Group and GEP offers a unique value proposition to enhance procurement maturity and achieve sustainable growth."

Benoit Graas