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OJC has helped customers from across industries achieve financial and operational performance through the deployment of advanced spend and supply chain management solutions. With 16 years of functional and technical expertise, OJC provides support in process engineering, solution design, project management and implementation, with a constant focus on quality and ease of use.

OJC's consulting teams, based in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, the USA and Canada, have delivered hundreds of projects and have a proven track record of delivering success and measurable results.

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Company Name: OJC Consulting
Founded: 2007
Regions: Europe: France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain North America: USA, Canada
Solutions: Business Consulting, Project Management, System Integration, Customer Support, Quality Management
Website: https://www.ojc-consulting.com/Page/Home

The recent years have shown, more than ever, the importance of carefully planning and managing supply chain and sourcing strategies, as well as monitoring supplier performance and controlling costs. Our experts help you achieve all this, and much more, with the comprehensive and innovative cloud solution GEP SMART™.

Olivier Jullian

CEO – OJC Consulting