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RapidRatings® sets the standard for financial health transparency between business partners, transforming the way the world’s leading companies manage enterprise and financial risk.

RapidRatings provides the most sophisticated analysis of the financial health of public and private companies in over 140 countries worldwide. The company’s predictive analytics provide insights into how suppliers, vendors, and other third parties are likely to perform.

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Company Name: RapidRatings
Founded: 2007
Regions: Global
Solutions: Financial Health Rating, Supplier Risk, Financial Dialogue, Third-Party Risk, Investment and Risk Management, Private Company Financial Analysis
Website: https://www.rapidratings.com/

Procurement and supply chain risk management professionals can leverage RapidRatings Financial Health Key Indicators for their critical private company suppliers embedded into their process and data streams in GEP SMART™.

Eric Evans

Managing Director, Partnerships & Alliances, RapidRatings