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Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE® Indirect Tax is a comprehensive sales, use, and value added tax automation solution that connects seamlessly with GEP SMART in real time, enabling companies of all sizes to eliminate the complexities of tax compliance and effortlessly navigate the ever-changing tax landscape. As an end-to-end solution, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax does it all — from Exemption Certificate Management to rate calculation and research to reporting and returns.

With operations across 205 countries — encompassing customers from Fortune 100, Global 7, and top 100 CPA firms — Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted software and content providers, helping over one million customers in corporate, tax, accounting, and legal, make agile, pragmatic business decisions to move briskly with ever-changing mandates and mercurial regulations on their businesses.

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Company Name: Thomson Reuters, ONESOURCE
Founded: 2008
Regions: Global
Solutions: Indirect Tax for Determination, Compliance, Exemptions Certificates, e-Invoicing

As regulatory compliance grows in complexity, the effort and risk of calculating and managing taxation in relation to global supply chains have become increasingly challenging. As the world’s leading supplier of software and services to support tax, risk and corporate compliance, Thomson Reuters is uniquely positioned to support the journey of GEP customers as they navigate procurement transformation and global supply chains. We are excited to continue growing our partnership with GEP and expanding the ways in which their customers can explore how Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE and GEP can jointly assist in navigating their key business challenges.

Victoria Walton

Director, ISV Marketplaces & Ecosystem Partnerships, Thomson Reuters