2022 CPG Outlook Deep Dive on Pricing Influences 2022 CPG Outlook Deep Dive on Pricing Influences

As rising oil & gas prices continue to impact several industries, CPG companies as well as consumers are having a tough time. In fact, it’s hard to remember the last time when consumer goods prices rose so significantly.

What’s worse, there are no signs of prices stabilizing given the current market conditions.

How can CPG brands weather the storm and stay competitive?

In this new podcast, GEP consulting leaders Celeste Ponce and Abhang Mehendale discuss strategies that CPG companies can use to withstand the impact of price fluctuations. Learn how CPG brands can adjust key priorities and retain customers while keeping costs in check.

What You’ll Hear:

  • The impact of rising oil & gas prices on CPG packaging, shipping and manufacturing
  • Strategies for mitigating pricing pressures
  • Why CPGs are renewing interest in nearshoring, just-in-case inventory and renewable energy

This is a audio recording of a recent podcast.

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