Are B2B Supply Chains The Elephant In The Room? with Mike Jette Are

Recent events have seen us focus on our own person supply chains as retailers have struggled to get goods into stores, and panic-buying has ensued.  But as consumer supply chains begin to settle into a new pattern of normality, the trouble in supply is far from over.  B2B supply chains are now starting to show the effects of the global shutdown and the ongoing impact on business and the world has yet to be felt, but it is coming.   In this episode of GEP Insights we talk to Mike Jette, Vice President of Consulting at GEP about the different between B2C and B2B supply chains and why that difference means a much longer term, a more difficult to solve problem than a shortage of toilet paper for a few weeks. Learn more about supply chain software and supply chain management services offered by GEP.


Mike Jette

Vice President

Paul Blake



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