Meeting ESG Goals With Supply Chain and Procurement Meeting

Corporate sustainability is now more important than ever. Both stakeholders and customers are putting increasing pressure on businesses to manage and report their carbon footprints — yet many companies are still unsure of the path forward.

In this timely podcast, GEP consulting managers Ayushi Dadhich and Von Ying Lee reveal why supply chain and procurement are central to transforming a company’s ESG goals into actionable plans. You’ll learn how their strong influence can drive social impact across the supply base and also increase competitiveness while enabling organizations to hit their critical sustainability targets.

What You’ll Hear:

  • The 5 key challenges to kickstarting ESG projects
  • Ways improved planning can help to decrease emissions
  • How to drive cross-functional collaboration to achieve ESG targets
  • The critical factors in driving businesses to prioritize ESG

This is a audio recording of a recent podcast.

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