Navigating Uncertainty: What To Anticipate (and Do) Post Your Procurement Software Vendor’s Acquisition Navigating

In a dynamic market, mergers and acquisitions are a necessary evil that create a great deal of uncertainty. When your vendor gets acquired, what does it mean for your business? Will the solution you’re relying on still exist after the inevitable reorganization? Will your account team? Navigating those uncertainties will keep C-suite executives up at night.

In this timely and insightful podcast, GEP senior director of engagement Paul Blake talks with GEP marketing directors Raj Aggarwal and Alex Zhong about the current state of the procurement and supply chain software market, what’s driving the latest round of consolidation and what customers should expect when their vendor suddenly gets acquired. You’ll learn how customer-centric companies weather these cycles and what to look for as your company takes the next step in its digital transformation. 

What You’ll Hear:

  • What’s driving the recent wave of consolidation in the procurement and supply chain software space
  • How convergence is creating multi-enterprise ecosystems for risk management, sustainability and resilience
  • Why customer focus can fall by the wayside in the wake of a merger
  • What companies should be looking for when considering the next move in their digital journey
  • Why working with a single company isn’t the same as working with a unified platform

This is a audio recording of a recent podcast.

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