Overcoming Challenges to Achieving Net-Zero Emissions Overcoming

Reporting on Scope 3 emissions can be a daunting task for enterprises, with most suppliers reluctant to maintain (and share) emissions data.

With all these challenges, how can you conform to emissions guidelines?

Will the goal of net-zero emissions merely remain on paper?

Join GEP’s consulting leaders Natalie Henfrey, Nataliya Nikolova and Ajay Ninan in a new podcast to understand ways you can get started and report Scope 3 emissions data. Learn how to work around the complexities of gathering data, actively work with suppliers and set up reporting metrics. 

What You’ll Hear:

  • Why it’s difficult to measure, report and reduce Scope 3 emissions
  • Understanding the operational landscape, regional legislation and competitors’ reporting to determine KPIs and metrics
  • Identifying key suppliers and categories as part of a detailed action plan to kick-start the process

Listen to this podcast now and take the first step toward net-zero emissions. For more information, read our white paper, How To Achieve True Net-Zero Emissions.

This is a audio recording of a recent podcast.

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