Road Mapping the ESG Journey To Drive Impact Road Mapping the ESG Journey To Drive Impact

Organizations face many challenges simultaneously — geopolitical unrest, supply chain disruptions, and economic uncertainty, among many others. Do ESG initiatives fall by the wayside? Hardly. Disregarding ESG could very well cause or exacerbate those other obstacles. 

GEP-sponsored research suggests companies see ESG and sustainability concerns as a top priority, yet where they can make the most impact — scope 3 emissions, which can account for 70% of an organization’s total emissions — remains the most complicated to focus and act on, measure and track.  

In this podcast — Road Mapping the ESG Journey To Drive Impact — GEP experts explore ESG’s importance for both environmental sustainability and sustainable business practice, how to make the most impact and why the time to act is NOW.

What You’ll Hear:

  • The "what” and “why” of ESG, and how sustainability goals and cost-cutting initiatives are interrelated 
  • The science-based targets and regulatory requirements driving the push for ESG progress 
  • The tech tools and best practices that make the most impact

This is a audio recording of a recent podcast.

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