What’s Missing in Automotive Industry’s Emission Reduction Strategy What’s Missing in Automotive Industry’s Emission Reduction Strategy

For leading automotive manufacturers, the strategy to reduce emissions is simple. 

Introduce an all-electric product portfolio and steadily achieve the net-zero emissions targets by the end of the decade and beyond.

Well, this transition to electric vehicles isn’t going to be enough. 

Here’s why.  

More than 95% of the automotive industry’s emissions originate in their supply chains. This is concerning, no doubt. But this also presents a considerable opportunity for automotive companies to reduce emissions by regulating their supply chains.

Join GEP’s consulting leaders Vengat N, Purvang Ashar and Sofia Rada in a new podcast to understand why an all-electric product portfolio isn’t the answer to reducing your carbon footprint. Learn why companies must map all sources of emissions, prioritize high-impact emission categories and take a holistic approach toward this objective.

What You’ll Hear: 

  • What most companies are missing in their emission reduction strategy
  • How companies can set measurable goals aligned with regulations and their sustainability strategy
  • Why it is important to collaborate with suppliers and other supply chain stakeholders 

This is a audio recording of a recent podcast.

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