Collaboration Hub

Find, meet and interact with members of your procurement team. Collaborating with your colleagues has never been easier, with direct connections to category managers, support colleagues, the operations team and other stakeholders involved in your enterprises’ procurement function. All this, centralized at one place.

The collaboration hub helps bridge gaps in communication, collaboration or coordination that might occur during varying phases of the buying process. It’s the perfect catalyst to drive transparency, ease follow-ups, supervise performance and stay well informed about the happenings of your procurement organization.

The “Meet Your Team” section serves as a directory containing contact details of your extended procurement team, organized by function and/or roles. These details include names, designations, email IDs, categories the individual is responsible for, and their respective region of service.

The collaboration hub also enables you to view and interact with preferred suppliers and partners. View all your shortlisted vendors available across the categories and regions your organization operates in.