Procurement Repository

Find all the material you need to make correct purchase decisions and ease through the buying process. With an extensive content repository encompassing everything from policy documents, procedures and forms to approval matrices, glossaries and FAQs, you simply cannot go wrong.

The consolidated, one-stop resource library of GEP SMARTTM is designed to guide you every step of the way. With forms that remember important, frequently used details and reduce free-text requisitions to well thought-out item masters that guarantee optimal inventory usage, our Procurement Repository will help organize and optimize your enterprise’s buying process.

The catalog browsing feature allows you to scan relevant catalogs with the right supplier at the right price. Partly made possible by the preferred supplier selection capability which ensures maximum use of your preferred supplier base, this in turn, sets the stage for contracts that drive price and value compliance.

Want to know what’s new but concerned about having to wade through a mass of irrelevant material? Worry not – through the news and announcements section, you can publish key information to all your stakeholders, ensuring that they’re always up to date on the latest issues relevant only to your business.