2015 Source-to-Settle for Manufacturing Report 2015 Source-to-Settle for Manufacturing Report

Complex supply chains, stringent regulatory and compliance requirements, and a vast spend portfolio – managing sourcing and procurement operations in the manufacturing industry is no mean feat.

Although procurement automation can help manufacturing companies drive savings, performance and value from their procurement operations, many enterprises don’t know where to start.

There are a number of software tools and applications available to automate all procurement processes – from sourcing to payment settlement. With source-to-settle (S2S) processes forming the backbone of manufacturing companies, potentially affecting the profit margins and competitive standing, it is important to choose the right source-to-settle automation platform.

This technology guide from GEP & PayStream Advisors, 2015 Source-to-Settle for Manufacturing Report, provides key insights into the current state of procurement processes in the global manufacturing industry and the value of procurement automation. It also lists down essential features and capabilities to look for while selecting a source-to-settle solution.

Inside the Report:

  • Procurement complexities in the manufacturing industry
  • Global trends in manufacturing S2S processes
  • Essential features and capabilities in an S2S automation solution
  • Action plans and best practices for implementation 


A must-read report for procurement professionals in manufacturing companies, looking to automate and streamline their sourcing and procurement operations.


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