2016 Purchase-to-Pay for Mobile Report 2016 Purchase-to-Pay for Mobile Report

Modern-day purchase-to-pay (P2P) systems with advanced mobile capabilities offer unmatched mobility and flexibility to procurement pros. These systems provide anytime, anywhere access to users, allowing them to manage and execute all their P2P operations on the go.

But this flexibility also brings forth several challenges related to data security.

The 2016 Purchase-to-Pay for Mobile Report by PayStream Advisors and GEP, report explores the benefits of P2P solutions for improving back-office processes, as well as the strategic value of leveraging a solution with advanced mobile technology. It also highlights the ways in which mobile applications are deployed, and the different methods that solution providers use to ensure security and control over company data.

Inside the Report

  • Current Trends in Today’s Mobile Workforce
  • The Benefits of Mobile Applications for P2P Processes
  • Types and Features of Mobile P2P Applications

A must-read report for all procurement and supply chain pros looking to drive higher value from mobile P2P technology solutions and deliver enhanced efficiency. Download your complimentary copy now.

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