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Procurement leaders at market-leading enterprises worldwide are turning to procurement outsourcing (PO) to increase the reach and impact of their procurement teams. And, an increasing number of PO engagements — a 16 percent rise in the last five years — now include category management in their scope.

Why is this trend accelerating? How could it benefit your procurement team and company? What do you need to know to make good decisions here?

A new report by Everest Group & GEP, Category Management Outsourcing: The Pathway to Strategic Procurement , details the key value drivers for category management outsourcing and current market dynamics. The report also shares common enterprise challenges in outsourcing category management and steps you can take to mitigate them.

It’s a must-read report for all procurement pros looking to deliver higher savings, improve supplier performance, mitigate risks, and drive innovation for the enterprise.

Inside the Report:

  • Key value drivers of category management outsourcing
  • Current market trends
  • Common challenges and mitigation strategies
  • Updated best practices in category management

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