CPO Study 2021 : Digital Transformation Takes Center Stage CPO Study 2021 : Digital Transformation Takes Center Stage

Procurement leaders experienced many teachable moments last year.

Can you learn from them? If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of a CPO, read CPO Study 2021: Digital Transformation Takes Center Stage, the new paper from ProcureCon. The annual industry-leading report unveils detailed findings with the benchmarks you need on the most meaningful and important issues facing procurement today.

You’ll learn that 80% of procurement leaders surveyed said up to half of their sourcing processes were automated, while 50% said indirect sourcing had slowed significantly. Download the report to see seven other key findings and even more CPO survey responses.

What’s Inside:

  • Why investments in hyper-responsive software, such as S2C and RPA, are on the rise
  • Emerging shifts in leadership and reporting structures
  • The benefits of combining digitalization and local sourcing

This paper is a must-read for CPOs who are setting priorities for the year.

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