Invoice Receipt Management Report 2015 Invoice Receipt Management Report 2015

Electronic invoices or eInvoices — there are many reasons why procurement and finance teams love them. eInvoicing not only reduces cycle time and processing costs, but also helps improve spend visibility and optimize cash flow. But without an effective electronic invoice receipt management system, all these benefits can be lost due to poor supplier participation.

PayStream Advisors, in its latest research publication — Invoice Receipt Management Report 2015 — discusses the most effective strategies and tools for sustained success. The report breaks out key barriers to supplier participation in electronic invoicing and also shares ways to mitigate them and boost supplier adoption.

The report also highlights current trends in invoice receipt automation software and offers tips to choose the right eInvoicing tool for your business. A must-read report for procurement and finance professionals looking to streamline and automate invoice management.

Inside the report:

  • Strategies to boost supplier adoption
  • Current trends in invoice receipt solutions
  • Choosing the right eInvoicing solution

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