Is It Time to Outsource Direct Spend Categories? Is It Time to Outsource Direct Spend Categories?

Procurement has come a long way — from a back-office, transactional function to a strategic partner powering a stronger, more successful business. But most of the dramatic change has originated from indirect procurement. On the other side of the equation — direct spend — are persistent inefficiencies and missed opportunities to be more competitive and create real value.

Now, a new report from Everest Group — Is It Time to Outsource Direct Spend Categories? — explores the factors contributing to suboptimal direct spend management, and what to actually do about them. It provides a starting point for enterprises to begin changing their approach to direct spend management — helping them realize the untapped potential in direct procurement by leveraging external expertise and adopting the latest technology.

What’s Inside:

  • The intrinsic challenges of direct spend management (as distinguished from indirect)
  • Key adoption drivers for direct materials outsourcing
  • Specific tactics to revamp direct spend management processes

A must-read report for every business leader and procurement pro journeying toward innovation and transformation.


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