Leading the Charge in Direct Procurement Enablement & Modernization Leading

GEP has been recognized as a Leader in Direct Procurement Enablement & Modernization Services by ISG, confirming our frontline position in driving the future of procurement. Our relentless commitment to excellence, innovation and client success in procurement services has set us apart in the global market.

ISG - Procurement Services – Direct Procurement Enablement and Modernization Services

Our services extend far beyond traditional expectations by leveraging advanced analytics and market intelligence to identify key cost drivers that impact your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). This focus, highlighted by ISG, allows us to take a more transparent and balanced approach, optimizing both cost-efficiency and supply continuity for your entire value chain.

The report highlights our global collective of category experts and advisors, each bringing specialized knowledge to support and enhance direct procurement needs. Additionally, we tap into the power of AI with tools like GEP SMART™ and GEP NEXXE™, making procurement smarter and more connected. The introduction of GEP GREEN™ marks our stride toward integrating sustainability into every procurement decision.

GEP’s leadership in this quadrant builds on its ability to address complex and varying client needs and modernize direct procurement operations integrated with finance, supply chain and other associated disciplines.
— ISG Provider Lens™ Direct Procurement Enablement and Modernization Services


  • A comprehensive and integrated portfolio of solutions to address the most complex challenges
  • Flexible solutions that can be configured to meet your organization’s needs
  • Deep procurement focus across multiple industries
  • AI-driven, market-leading software platforms
  • Collaborative partnerships that deliver sustainable results

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