New Procurement Benchmarks in the Age of Intelligence New Procurement Benchmarks in the Age of Intelligence

The numbers don’t lie: Surveys of CPOs and procurement organizations consistently indicate that savings and spend under management are no longer the sole criteria for measuring procurement effectiveness. Today, the highest-performing procurement organizations comprise an optimal mix of capabilities — to fuel new ideas and strategies, and to enable fast and accurate responses to dynamic market pressures and challenges.

This new report by GEP and Ardent Partners, New Procurement Benchmarks in the Age of Intelligence, lays out the important characteristics that define today’s best-in-class procurement organizations. It offers essential guidance for building “intelligent” organizations and extending procurement’s influence into other key areas of the business.

If you’ve been looking for the latest and most authoritative discussion of the best-in-class procurement framework, look no further — read this report.  

What’s Inside:

  • The latest procurement benchmarks
  • The indispensable need for strong leadership
  • Recommendations for technology adoption

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