All too often, procurement finds itself battling its own complexity — approvals, budgets, suppliers, contracts, data, spend — in the quest for effectiveness. The function is crying out for improvement via automation. But procurement’s widespread nature and interconnection with many other departments makes it difficult to evaluate current challenges and pinpoint the best software options.  

The 2018 Procurement Automation Trend Report from GEP and PayStream Advisors is a must-read for those needing an up-to-the-minute assessment of the function and its latest automation solutions. With a focus on North American organizations, the report analyzes current management trends and discusses the key features and functionalities of eProcurement software. It also recommends best practices for companies looking to kickstart their eProcurement adoption journey.   

What’s Inside:

  • Procurement management insights gleaned from a survey of 400 organizations
  • Features and functionalities of eProcurement software
  • A list of seven best practices for eProcurement software adoption

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