New Study: The State of CIO-CPO Collaboration New Study: The State of CIO-CPO Collaboration

The collaborative relationship between the CIO and CPO continues to evolve in response to shifts in external market pressures. With value creation as the ultimate goal for both teams, a strong strategic IT-procurement alliance can help the larger enterprise navigate its way through rapid technology change and succeed at digital transformation.

How is that alliance best achieved? What are the best ways to bolster the IT-procurement partnership and ensure it brings long-term value to the table?

A new research study from ProcureCon and GEP, The State of CIO-CPO Collaboration: A Partnership in Transformation, highlights the current levels of CIO-CPO collaboration in the industry today. It also discusses tools and strategies that best-in-class organizations are leveraging to drive transformational business change.

A must-read for CIOs and CPOs looking to achieve the full potential of their respective functions while jointly advancing larger business goals.

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