Procurement Resilience Report 2021 Procurement Resilience Report 2021

Finding resiliency today is really hard. Why is that?

We aimed to find out in a targeted survey of CPOs.

Nearly 90% of CPOs think proactive risk management will help deliver value. The problem? Only 16% think their organization does it effectively.

Get our latest research report, Procurement Resilience Report 2021 — executed by Procurement Leaders — which closely tracks the increasingly pivotal role of third-party risk management (TPRM). Dive in to find key risk benchmarks in supplier mapping, contract management, due diligence, contingency planning — and much more.

What’s Inside:

  • Where CPOs are investing to boost resiliency
  • How CPOs rate TPRM effectiveness across six categories
  • Guidance from two GEP experts on how to improve risk management
  • Why the focus on short-term continuity isn’t supply chain resiliency

This report is a must-read for procurement professionals seeking data and validation of resiliency efforts.

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