The Roadmap for Procurement's Strategic and Digital Transformation The Roadmap for Procurement's Strategic and Digital Transformation

“Procurement’s role is changing.” We hear that a lot these days. We keep hearing about transformation, technology, and the C-suite’s growing awareness of procurement as a strategic contributor to enterprise growth and performance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down with a bunch of CPOs and ask them about their progress in this new age of digital transformation? What have they done to boost procurement’s strategic reach and impact? How effective have they been, and what’s really changed recently?

A new CPO study by ProcureCon, Charting the Technological and Strategic Transformation of the Procurement Department, provides direct input from CPOs on the function’s evolution within the enterprise and the growing importance of technology in its strategic transformation. The report also features insight and strategies from leading industry experts and procurement leaders on how to increase procurement’s enterprise-wide influence.

Read today to gain insight and a wider perspective on procurement’s new direction and the strategies that are being adopted by the most forward-looking CPOs today. 

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