Source-to-Settle Provider Landscape Source-to-Settle Provider Landscape

When the goal is process improvement, the “one step at a time” approach doesn’t always work, especially when you’re looking for a big payoff and quick results. A good example of this is automation of source-to-settle (S2S) processes; piecemeal solutions seldom deliver the value that fully automated, holistic S2S solutions bring to the table. Yet, many enterprises take the piecemeal route for fear of negatively impacting current-state operations — even though they end up not much better off than they were originally.

This report by PayStream Advisors, Source-to-Settle Provider Landscape, explains how a true S2S automation solution can optimize every process from sourcing to settlement — delivering a step change in performance and improving efficiency of the whole procurement organization. This report also highlights the current market trends in S2S automation and its role in reducing the total enterprise spend.

It’s a must-read for all procurement professionals, not just sourcing specialists — complimentary from GEP. Get your copy now.

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