Supply Chain Collaboration to Build Resiliency Supply Chain Collaboration to Build Resiliency

Supply chains are being disrupted by inflation, volatility and uncertainties on all sides. In response to myriad challenges, enabling seamless collaboration between companies, their partners and suppliers has become a best practice for building resilience.

The latest Gartner newsletter explores the disruptions hammering global supply chains and reveals the most up-to-date insights into how leading companies are tackling them.

For supply chain professionals looking for strategies to combat supply chain disruptions, the research and insights from Gartner, GEP and the Economist in this newsletter will be invaluable. 

What’s Inside:  

  • Gartner’s 2021 Women in Supply Chain Survey Shows Resilience, Improvement in Representation 
  • Gartner’s 3 Circular Economy Interventions That Will Mitigate Supply Chain Disruption 
  • GEP and the Economist’s Beyond the Bottom Line: How Supply Chain Disruption Has Impacted Businesses 
  • GEP’s Top Five Supply Chain Processes That Need Collaboration Right Now 
  • GEP Webcast: Supply Chain Collaboration as the Counterbalance to Inflation and Disruption 
  • GEP Case Study: How a Fortune Global 500 Oil & Gas Company Optimized Costs With GEP SOFTWARE 

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