The 2023 ProcureCon CPO Report The 2023 ProcureCon CPO Report

In the past, the CPO’s primary role was to procure goods and services with an eagle eye on cost. Of course, saving is still critical, but they also contribute to key areas such as structure, sustainability and strategy.

To discover how CPOs at leading enterprises influence risk management, finance and other areas beyond procurement, get this latest GEP-sponsored research, The 2023 ProcureCon CPO Report.

In this eagerly awaited annual survey, learn how prominent procurement leaders are shoring up their positions as drivers of innovation and top negotiators.

What’s Inside:

  • How CPOs are sharpening their “soft” skills and compliance knowledge to raise their profiles
  • Why digital transformation and process orchestration are investment priorities for procurement
  • How procurement is collaborating with other departments to develop and implement ESG policies

This paper is a must-read for procurement leaders looking to take a more active role in decision-making

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