The 2024 Annual ProcureCon CPO Report The

Almost half (46%) of enterprises report that their CPO now plays a bigger role in high-level decision-making. That was just one of the results of the GEP-sponsored 2024 Annual ProcureCon CPO Report.

The CPO plays an increasingly critical position in the enterprise, not only in the procurement function, but also when it comes to strategy, technology and sustainability. CPOs also face challenges in the current procurement environment, ranging from supply chain disruptions to inflation and global market volatility.

What’s Inside:

  • The top three focus areas for 2024 are technology (35%), supply chain disruption (37%) and process improvement (43%)
  • 64% say their procurement KPIs are somewhat closely linked to sustainability goals, while 27% say they are very closely linked
  • Over the next year, cost reduction is a high priority for more than half (53%)

This paper is a must-read for procurement pros looking for fresh tools and tactics to play a bigger role in decision-making in their enterprises.

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