The Cost-Plus World of The

There’s a paradigm shift happening in the world of supply chains.

While cost and efficiency continue to be in focus, resilience is becoming a top priority, as revealed in a new study by The Economist — 75% of participants said they need to make significant changes to their supply chains over the next 12 months to better cope with supply chain disruptions.

AT&T has gone from cost and efficiency being the overall mantra for everything that we do to a de-risking of the supply chain being the key learning over the last two and a half years.
— Susan Johnson, executive VP, global connections & supply chain, AT&T

How are supply chain and procurement leaders navigating this change? How are they preparing for future disruptions? What new strategies and tools are they deploying to achieve greater agility and resilience while keeping costs under check?

In a new report by The Economist — The Cost-Plus World of Supply Chains — commissioned by GEP, top supply chain and procurement professionals, industry experts and researchers share their insights on how enterprises are building more resilient, sustainable and efficient supply chains.

What’s Inside:

  • How the growing importance of resilience is driving a reevaluation of inventory, production costs and supply chain visibility
  • What key changes enterprises are making or planning to make to manage their supply chains more effectively
  • How leading companies are using technology to gain better visibility and control over their supply chains

It’s a must-read report for supply chain, procurement, finance and other business leaders looking to succeed in a new, never-normal world. Get your complimentary copy now.

Supply Chain Challenges and Global Procurement | GEP

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